Building on the success of our innovation in providing tomorrows gas price prediction and more recently, our Two-day Future Forecast , we are confident that we can better help you manage your fuel budget by providing you our best assumptions as to where you can expect gas prices to be by the end of the working week.


As such, EVERY SUNDAY EVENING, we will give you our best estimate as to where prices will wind up the FOLLOWING Saturday/Sunday.


Because not all of us gas-up daily or even every second day, this One Week Sneak Peek aims to give you a greater hedge against gas price volatility.


We hope you find it as useful in saving you money as did our other innovations.



More than just the daily market prices in energy trades, much more goes into the make up and predicting gas of future fuel costs. Currency, ethanol costs, climate, geopolitics, macroeconomics and supply disruptions all play a vital role in understanding and estimating where the price curve leads us. Its not a precise science, but imitators like 680 news in Toronto abound. Regrettably, their habit of sensational, seasonally timed false prophesies,  do a disservice to our innovation. Beware of hype and knock offs, who’s habitual  inaccuracy and dubious claims of  being “First and Most accurate” are neither …

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